Transcriptions and Arrangements

"Natalie has transcribed and transposed several pieces for me in the past and they have all come back to me pristine and expertly done. I recommend her full-heartedly!" - Harrison Post, transcription client since 2009

Natalie discovered she had a knack for transcribing music back in 2002 when her college classmates kept asking her to make sheet music out of recordings of rare songs to perform for recitals and auditions. Since then she has had over 100 clients and has transcribed everything from original piano/vocal scores to rock bands and classical pieces. Whether you need written sheet music of an original song, a piano reduction of guitar/bass/drums (or the reverse), a lead sheet for your favorite-but-rare song, or anything in between, Natalie can help you.

Natalie transcribed the score for the musical Joe's Cafe by Rupert Wates, creating a vocal/piano score from recordings of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.

Prices (estimates, subject to adjustment based on specific project):

  • Lead Sheet (with lyrics): $10/minute of music*

  • Solo instrument (not piano): $10/minute of music

  • Solo piano ("classical"): $20-$30/minute depending on complexity

  • Piano/Vocal Score (with lyrics) of basic pop/country song: $15/minute of music

  • Piano/Vocal Score (with lyrics) with more complex piano parts: $20/minute of music

    • Add guitar chords: additional $1.50/minute of music

  • Piano Reduction from Guitar/Bass/Drum recording: $25/minute of music

  • Guitar/Bass/Drum Score: $25/minute of music

  • Additional instruments: $5/minute of music per instrument

*Rounding up to the nearest 15 seconds (ex. a 3:57 minute song would be charged as 4 minutes)

To discuss your project, please contact Natalie at


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