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Songs from DEPLOYED

Select Songs from the musical Dployed by Natalie Lovejoy.


Deployed is a new musical that follows a platoon of U.S. Army soldiers in Iraq and the subsequent battles they face after returning home as seen through the eyes of a young private on his first deployment.

In Tune: Music for Relaxation and Inner Harmony

In Tune: Music for Relaxation and Inner Harmony features 10 calming piano solos designed to help you unwind and bring harmony and balance into your life. Listen while meditating, doing yoga, taking a bath, falling asleep, or anytime you want to relax.


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Chance of Rain (solo for piano)

A piano solo inspired by the sound of rain. It is a seven minute rain shower: you will hear the low grumbling thunder, the percussive taps of raindrops, and the strident clash of lightening. The middle section is less literal and a variation on a classic “rain” tune.


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