music/book/lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy


Home/Front is about an idealistic U.S. Army soldier whose principles are put to the test when his wife pushes him to leave the army, so she can follow her own dreams, amidst the Iraq war and an increasingly divided America.

"Captures the subtle and complex innuendos of the tragedy that is war in a unique way that resonates with you long after you leave the theater." - James A Moad II, Air Force pilot and playwright

“A phenomenal piece.”  - Neath Williams, Iraq Veteran, Navy

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Across a Wire
music/book/lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy


In 1974 a young, aimless New York business man's life gets turned upside down when he becomes part of a French high-wire walker's caper to perform his act between the newly-build twin towers of the World Trade Center.


Flyers and Fryers (Hall Pass)
music/book/lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy
produced by Blake McCarty and commissioned by New York University


Hall Pass is an immersive musical set and performed inside a high school, offering a glimpse of the world young people navigate everyday. Brimming with moments any former teenager will recognize and relish - as well as those they might rather forget - audiences choose their own adventure as the experience the trials and triumphs of the class of 2020.

"Flyers and Fryers" is one such story about a cheerleaders whose dark secret comes out during practice right before the big game.


The Big C
music by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy, Jonathon Monro and Rob DelGaudio
book and lyrics by Sarah Safford


A group of characters find themselves in the same support group fighting cancer. Natalie wrote the music to the songs "I'll Try Anything" and "Stages."


Shall We Dance?
music/lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy
based on the film  Shall We Dance? * (Miramx, 2004)


Despite having a great career and a loving family, lawyer John Clark  is missing something in his life as he meanders listlessly from day to day. On his commute back home one night, Clark notices a stunning woman in a dance studio window and decides on a whim to join a class for ballroom dancing. While Clark finds a new spark in his life, his wife grows suspicious of his frequent absences, since he decides to keep his dancing a secret.

*Written for the BMI Workshop for educational purposes. No copyright infringement intended.



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